Amazon Prime Day is getting closer. Are your ads ready?

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Amazon Prime Day is a day of deep discounts, product discovery and retail megalomania.

TIME: Starts at 3 p.m. EST on Monday, July 16 and will run for the next 36 hours, through the end of Tuesday, July 17, on the West Coast.

This is a massive window of opportunity.

Now is the time to ensure you are prepared for the influx of traffic to and Amazon’s mobile app. Thousands of customers are looking for your product(s) and it is imperative your brand isn’t drowned out by the noise of other brands competing for the extra attention.

  • Consider creating sponsored product campaigns for your core ASINs to help rank within search results where customers are already searching by keywords [ learn more ]
  • Consider making headline search ads to drive brand awareness to your entire product catalog and display a large banner, owning search landscape where searchers start their process of elimination [ learn more ]
  • Consider constructing product display ads to target more popular ASINs in your category by display. This allows you to show you on your competition’s product detail page and various other places on/off [ learn more ]

Also, make sure your budgets are set correctly in Amazon Marketing Services. There is a likely chance your campaigns will expire way too early if you don’t adjust your figures. More traffic will mean a higher chance of more potential customer on your products. Meaning, your ads will probably be clicked early/often and leave you defenseless in the later parts of the event.

We wish you the best of luck! If you need help getting everything setup – don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our team of Amazon PPC experts can help you get setup in no-time.

Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan

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