Amazon Storefronts, a new push to highlight small-medium sized businesses.

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It almost sounds ironic when you start to think about Amazon and small businesses in the same sentence. However, that shouldn’t be the case – since over 50% of products sold on Amazon are from third party sellers (not just big brands).

Recently, Amazon launched a new section on their website called Amazon Storefronts. If you browse around, you’ll get a very “crafty” (almost Etsy) vibe when browsing the curation of products. Amazon claims they have over 1 million products from 20,000 small-medium sized businesses in the United States.

“Amazon first invited businesses to sell on Amazon nearly two decades ago, and today, small and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of Amazon’s large selection and commitment to customers,” Nicholas Denissen (Amazon VP) said in Monday’s announcement.

Amazon has always played the “protect the little guy” vibe, so this move isn’t too surprising to most people. Hence, putting small businesses on blast and highlighting artisans seems to be the strategy to protect that mentality.

Side note: What an advantageous time for Amazon to create this program as tariffs are continually putting the pressure on import vendors.

“Since we started selling on Amazon in October 2016, our sales have nearly doubled. Due to our success, we have been able to hire new team members from our community, including full and part time jobs,” said Holly Rutt, co-founder of Little Flower Soap Co., the U.S. business owner featured in the national TV ad. “We believe that customers like to know the story behind what they’re buying. When there is worry about creating jobs, it’s reassuring for customers to know their purchases are helping sustain jobs in the U.S.”

Storefront of the week.

Talk about prime real estate for Little Flower Soap, Co. Amazon even highlighted their video on YouTube. Even better is this commercial that some of you might have seen come on TV recently.

Meet the business owners.

In this section, you can click into different portals which takes you to content-rich, story telling from the people behind the products. I thought this section was particularly cool because the biggest advantage (IMO) a product has over another (outside of all the normal identifiers) is a solid story. We all want to connect to our ‘things’.

More to explore.

In this section, you can explore ‘exclusives‘, ‘handmade‘ and ‘launchpad‘ which are all equally cool.

At first, ‘handmade” was supposedly going to be the Etsy killer but the traction wasn’t as large as expected. This section, however, isn’t exclusive to just the United States. This section (created in 2015) is over 80,000 artisan-made products from 5,000 sellers in 60 different countries.

This direction seems to be stronger in regards to taking a bigger slice of the Etsy’s marketshare, but can Amazon convince shoppers their marketplace can be seen as a valuable source for artisanal goods? That’s going to be the biggest challenge.

Take a look for yourself, let us know what you think.

Head on over to the page, dig in and let us know what you think:

Will this new strategy help lift the small-medium business sector? Will Amazon shoppers eventually turn on Etsy and head to Amazon for their next “crafty” item? We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you ever need assistance with Amazon – let us know. We’re here to help!

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