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We are a full-service Amazon Ad agency dedicated to building highly-profitable ad campaigns for our clients. Let our team deploy our step-by-step, proven blueprint for putting your products on full-blast.
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See why so many brands rely on Clickmattic to manage their Amazon Advertising.

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Advanced Approach

Profit from our best-in-class team, methodical approach and years of advertising experience.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We’re fueled by machine learning algorithms, 24/7 optimizations & on-going product tracking.

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All-In-One Solution

We deploy programmatic software, advanced keyword research & deep product research analysis.


Why choose us?

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We’re Amazon nerds & we get mad results for our clients.

🛠️ Build

If you are just starting with ads or are looking to increase the daily sales velocity of a specific product or catalog – the growth stage is where we start. The primary focus from our team will be highly-specific to building new campaigns and expanding existing campaigns to gain more market exposure. The primary goal is to get in front of more potential customers and we’ll do that by bid optimization and keyword expansion.

🌱 Grow

After the build stage, we move into a campaign optimization program. This is where we hone-in on profitability and overall analysis of the system we built in the previous stage. The goal here is to gain a holistic view of what is working and not working. As sales start to roll in, we’ll notice clear winners and losers. This allows us to refocus our efforts towards proven winners. By doing this, it allows us to reduce advertising costs while focusing on increasing overall profits.

📊 Nurture

Once we’ve aggressively achieved growth and optimized our keyword campaigns to the best of our abilities – it’s time to squeeze what we got for all we can! The main goal of this face is doubling-down on the proven stuff while decreasing (or eliminating) the keywords that do not fit our program. From the overall bids to the keyword match-type, details matter. You can rest assured that every campaigns are returning far more than you are spending. We measure everything to ensure your campaigns are returning a profit.

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You deserve the absolute very best when it comes to advertising on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

[cuber_accordion][cuber_accordion_content title=”Why work with Clickmattic?” marker=”1.”]We have years of experience and continue to spearhead cutting-edge strategies for our clients. With a unique combination of hands-on approach and state-of-the art technology, we have had a ton of success helping maximize sales on Amazon![/cuber_accordion_content][cuber_accordion_content title=”Is this a right fit my brand?” marker=”2.”]Our Amazon Ad services are best suited for brands who are already actively selling on Amazon and either want to ramp up their efforts or explore advertising opportunities for the first time. Whether you are a 1P vendor through Vendor Central or a 3P seller through Seller Central, we’ve got programs to level-up your strategies right away. If you are already advertising and want us to audit the current performance – we can do that, too.[/cuber_accordion_content][cuber_accordion_content title=”What is your process?” marker=”3.”]We will build and manage all advertising ads and budgets based on all agreed terms we finalize through the project scope. We will also provide ongoing product listing optimization recommendations that will ultimately increase the profitability of your campaigns. Don’t worry, you won’t be in the dark – we’ll fill you in every step of the way.[/cuber_accordion_content][cuber_accordion_content title=”What is the pricing structure?” marker=”4.”]We don’t believe in commissions and we love to keep things super simple. We just charge a setup fee (for connecting your Amazon account to our system, crunching your data, constructing and launching your campaigns) and then we just charge you a flat monthly fee.[/cuber_accordion_content][cuber_accordion_content title=”Is there a long-term contract?” marker=”5.”]No long-term contracts. We are confident about our services and want to prove it to you. We’ll work on a month-to-month basis with no closed contracts. Zero strings attached.[/cuber_accordion_content][/cuber_accordion][vc_empty_space]

👋 We’re Clickmattic

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We were founded in an effort to solve a pain point within the retail space. Brands are really good at what they do (creating awesome products) but struggle managing marketing & advertising. Fast forward a bit, we’re now a one-stop advertising solution fo Amazon sellers.

We’re changing the way brands advertise on Amazon by delivering superior services, top-notch consulting, remarkable client relationships and the highest quality communication possible – enabling us to have a positive influence on ROI, ad spend and protecting revenue growth.

We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust and prove our worth.


You can’t afford to put off Amazon Advertising any longer


Reach out to us and someone from our team will get back to you in less than an hour.