Complete Beginner’s Guide to Quora Advertising

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In a world of increasing cost-per-click campaigns and advertising saturation by companies with (…what feels like) unlimited budgets – it isn’t uncommon to look towards a diversified advertising campaign.

What is Quora Advertising? How does it work?

Simply put, Quora is a question and answer website. Millions of users are asking all types of questions and answering other questions as well. There are even celebrities who occasionally show up and add some excitement to the mix. There are over 200 million unique, monthly users who use Quora (that’s a good amount of people).

They aren’t sitting idly by either – they have the ability to engage in very specific content and topics. This means, as an advertiser, we have the unique ability to also create very task-specific type of ads to target them. In this guide, we will walk through the process of creating a Quora ad and highlight important steps for generating the best outcomes.

Step 1: Create an account (

Step 2: Now it’s time to create a campaign

Advertising on Quora

Step 3: Time to determine your campaign objective, budget & ad schedule

  • Traffic – looking to increase high volume users to a specific landing page
  • Conversion – looking to track a specific action on your website (download, pdf, form submission, etc.)
  • App Installs – looking to push traffic to download your mobile application

As for budget, this is important to establish a general idea of what you are willing to spend for the goals of your organization.

  • Daily Maximum Budget – the most you are willing spend within a 24 hour time period
  • Lifetime Budget – the most you are willing to spend for the entire campaign’s life cycle
  • Schedule – whether or not you want to run the ad right now or save it for a specific time slot (special event, website sale, holiday push, etc.)

Advertising on Quora

Step 4: Understanding Quora’s pixel is important for measuring

Just like most pay-per-click models, Quora operates off a pixel. Implementation is also similar to how you install and treat a Facebook pixel. If you want to track a specific conversion or touch-point directly tied to your Quora campaign, I’d highly suggest installing the pixel to really maximize total campaign success. Most modern content management systems make plugging in a pixel in easy. If you have any questions about this – reach out to us and we’ll help you out.

Step 5: Targeting and campaign bidding is simple

Now it’s time to create the ad set (just need a name) and setup the primary and secondary targeting. Then, you can actually start working towards your bid. Understanding the types of primary targeting:

  • Topic targeting: your ads will appear next to content associated with specific topics across Quora.
  • Question targeting: your ads will appear across Quora only next to a specific question that you choose.
  • Audience targeting: your ads will target members of an audience that you previously specified.
  • Interests targeting: your ads will behaviorally target individuals who show interest in specific topics across Quora.

There are so many opportunities to create some very, very cool campaigns within these parameters. We love the question targeting, because it not only enables you to answer organically (through the standard Q&A model but also bid on top placements within the ads themselves. Understanding the types of secondary targeting:

  • Location based users: target users in a certain geographic area
  • Device types: target users on desktop + mobile, only desktop or only mobile
  • Mobile platforms: target iOS specifically or Android specifically

Secondary targeting is also where you have the ability to use Quora’s version of ‘negative keywords‘ which is also powerful. You have the ability to exclude locations, questions and even certain audiences.

Step 6: Create your advertisement that serves your purpose

There is a lot that happens at this stage and generally where we see most of the magic happen. Here you have the ability to do things you might be familiar with such:

  • Ad format: choose whether you want a text advertisement or one with an image
  • Hero image: if your choose to use an image, select your image (see screenshot below, size is 1200 x 628)
  • Ad name: name your campaign, this is really for your own records
  • Business name: use your business name that will be in the add, you can see this above “promoted” in screenshot
  • Headline sentence: your ad’s headline statement, you get 65 characters here
  • Body text: this is your descriptive content, you get 105 characters here
  • Landing page URL: the website you will be sending traffic
  • Display URL: this is what the Quora user will see as your web-page
  • Call-to-action: this is what you will define as the ‘next step’ for the Quora user (diving into this more below)

You can also add your logo under your image ad “change logo” this is what will appear next to your business name.

Advertising on Quora

The call-to-action needs to make sense for what you want the Quora to do. Here are the types of CTAs you can choose from:

Advertising on Quora

  • Apply Now – might be good to use this if you are pushing a job application
  • Book Now – could be used to boost a local event or gathering
  • Contact Us – looking to drive contact form submissions, whether phone or form
  • Donate Now – might be perfect if you are driving awareness to a local non-profit or specific need
  • Download – could be great for pushing a new eBook
  • Follow Us – could be used if you are trying to build an audience on social media
  • Free Trial – say you are a SaaS company pushing a new software spec you are super proud of and want to get the word out
  • Get Quote – might be good to use this if you need a few more details to finalize a lead
  • Get the App – could be used if you are pushing your app download as the next step
  • Learn More – this one is easily applicable and one of the most popular – works for about anything
  • Play Now – could be used if you are a mobile app developer
  • Read More – this ons is also very applicable and great to push a Quora user to more long-form content on your website
  • Shop Now – great for eCommerce stores
  • Sign Up – great for just about any application where creating awareness around signing-up is important
  • Start Now – great, generic way to push immediacy
  • Watch More – great if the goal is to have the Quora user digest more video content

Step 7: Confirm everything is good, add a payment method

The last step is to review all of your information, make sure everything makes sense and add your payment method. I always suggest making sure all the math ads up and you fully understand the bidding situation you are agreeing to. 

Also, it’s important to understand what you are willing to pay for in regards to a lead. Knowing that will make adjusting the campaign later easier.

Step 8: Monitor and optimize your Quora ad campaign

There is never a scenario where you should ever “set it and forget it”. Sure, it’s going to take some time to aggregate the data but it’s important to go ahead and get the wheels moving about next steps. If you are completely satisfied with the campaign, keep it going.

If it is doing what you’d like for it to do – still look for ways to make it better or even possibly add another campaign to test against it. You will be able to see the health and longevity of your campaigns in your campaign dashboard.

If all this sounds overwhelming, that’s what we’re here for! We can absolutely get you setup and moving in the right direction. We always recommend a good portion of your advertising budget be spent on experimental platforms such as Quora.

We’ve seen quite a few campaigns work tremendously and really believe this platform is currently underutilized in quite a few industries. If you have an idea you’d like to test or want us to create a customized, tailored Quora plan for you – don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to get you rolling!

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