Client + agency partnerships explained: This is how we do it.

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Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to talk about clickmattic and our services with businesses of all shapes and sizes. It has been quite the experience and I feel like it’s worth a discussion.

One of the common themes I’ve come across is explaining what a typical client / agency relationship looks like at clickmattic and how it can possibly change over time (for the good).

Before I get into how we do it, I want to explain what is “typical” in the agency world. Well, typical meaning… what most people are “used to” and how it came about. Whether you know it or not, the relationship between you and your agency is mutually beneficial. It’s the best way! 🤗

Most agencies are overwhelmed and understaffed.

This is something I’ve experienced first-hand and through many friends and business owners. It’s terrible. There is nothing exciting about signing on with an agency and getting added to a ledger. Sometimes you can immediately notice the lack of attention right after you get kicked off as a new client.

  • Does the agency actually understands your goals?
  • Where is the personalization?
  • Where is the dedication?
  • How can you be confident?

It’s important to also note, traditional reporting and wishy-washy metrics are things of vanity. Good marketing and advertising can be felt. Not in a “OMG I’M RANKING!” kind of way – but a “okay, leads are definitely increasing” kind of way.

Trust is the vehicle for successful agency relationships.

You could choose any agency, so why chose clickmattic? I’d argue there aren’t many agencies positioned like us. We aren’t going to just add you to the list and move on to the next shiny thing. We invest a lot of time and energy in learning your business, analyzing your marketing position and understanding your goals.

We’re kind of obsessed with our clients. Their goals are our goals. Their successes are our successes. We celebrate together.

How do we do that? Easy. We listen to you. Sure, you might have come to us for ideas or direction – we totally understand that (that’s why we are able to do what we do) and if that’s what you think is best for your business, we can work with that! 😃

Nobody knows your business like you do.

We have probably run a campaign similar to the one you have imagined. There’s also a chance we’ll have good ideas before you even come on as a client. However, the best ideas and healthiest campaigns come from a dynamic collaboration between our agency and you directly.

Beautiful things are born when both parties are mutually invested.

If you are looking for an agency to only talk to you once a month, send you generic PDFs with the date on it and call it “CLIENT NAME + MONTH + YEAR” in the title and struggle to find time to talk to you directly about your performance metrics… we’re not the agency for you. There are plenty of those.

Is clickmattic a fit for your business?

I get this a lot too and it’s a great question. As mentioned above, businesses and ideas come in all shapes and sizes. We have a robust service offering and fundamentally believe we can help you strive in many different ways.

  • Looking to drive foot traffic to your physical location?
  • Wanting to increase phone calls to an office specialist?
  • Striving to reach more customers during their shopping experience?
  • Attempting to target the ideal customer at the right time?
  • Hoping to sell more products during a promotion?
  • Craving to build brand awareness in a world of noise?
  • Wishing to expand into local search results in multiple locations?
  • Yearning to stay on top of what people are saying about your brand?
  • Longing to discover optimization issues with your website?
  • Aspiring to capture new market share?

We’ve got you covered! 💪🏻

Purposeful, collaborative initiatives rock.

When you come on as a clickmattic client, we immediately get to work. We’ve got skin in the game at this point and we want to prove to you why we’re different. One of the ways we do that is identifying ways to create immediate impact. The ‘low handing fruit’ per-say.

Everything we do, every ad we create, every search campaign we optimize for, the mission is clear: create for purpose.

We want to bring you along with us, share with you our ideas, communicate big changes and have you there to bounce ideas off of. There is no ‘set it and forget it’ with us.

We’d absolutely love the opportunity to chat.

Whether you are currently with another agency and aren’t satisfied with their performance or you are brand new to the idea of hiring an agency to take on some projects – we can walk you through the steps to coming onboard.

Our programs are unique and not uniform. We listen to your needs, hear out all your ambitions and craft a specialized retainer built specifically for you. We’ll setup performance indicators, track metrics we believe to be imperative to the campaign’s success and go ahead and establish good communication channels with you.

So, if you are ready to chat about possibilities, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Michael Morgan. It won’t be all salesy and generic.

We think you’ll actually enjoy it.🤜🏻💥🤛🏻

Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan

founder, clickmattic

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