What is the “PPC + Creative Hybrid” model and how does it work?

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Okay, wait a second – you’re telling me there is another way to discuss PPC and creative work?

I thought they were totally different? I thought they get measured separately? How can one agency do two different things? This is something I commonly run into and is partially why I push the PPC+Creative Hybrid methodology so frequently.

Look, it’s the battle of right brain and left brain all over again. This time, they aren’t battling – they are actually working together.

A solid creative foundation, whether it’s images, videos or copy, is imperative to establish before you create a digital marketing/advertising campaign. I’m sure you’ve head it referred to as different things, too. Maybe ‘rich media’ or ‘content marketing’ – same logic applies to advertising.

We’ve created enough ads to confidently come to a conclusion:

Creative fuels the data.

  • The types of images used in your advertisements are physiologically connecting and/or disconnecting with your potential customers.
  • The types of words or phrases you construct and meticulously craft either convince or deter your potential customers to take action.
  • The types of videos or gifs you use can either connect immediately or turn you audience away in a heartbeat.

This sounds good right? But what if I said the same can be said in reverse, too?

Data fuels the creative.

  • The types of keyword and query research will ignite the creative inspiration for the advertisements.
  • The types of audience and geographic research will fuel the copywriting while developing a unique communication style for your potential customers.
  • The types of data points, meaningfully understood, can ultimately create the best path forward for creative work.

In unison, both creative and data have to rely on each other equally.


The PPC+Creative Hybrid is a model we deploy as often as possible, which makes us different. Different, in our opinion, is good. Our managed services are embedded with this philosophy.

Our projects aren’t completed in silos, either. The strategist doesn’t click a check-mark and download files from the designer. They two work hand-in-hand, both discussing the proper way to set our clients up for success. This is what makes us stand out.

This allows us to measure so many things intently.

  • Image A + Copy A + Keyword A = Campaign A
  • Image B + Copy B + Keyword B = Campaign B
  • Image A + Copy B + Keyword B = Campaign C
  • Image B + Copy A + Keyword A = Campaign D
    … you see where I am going with this

When we work on campaigns that utilize conversion funnels, this method is golden. We let the data dictate our direction and optimize accordingly. Your campaigns, whatever their stage need to be tested. Then tested again. Then when you think you’re done, throw something in there to challenge it another time.

Healthy campaigns are campaigns that are not stagnant. They move often to hit the changing climate of external forces. This could mean competitive ad campaigns, seasonality, budget or other forces that impact your goals. There are a ton out there – you know it, we know it.

If you are interested in this model or are curious to hear more about how we deploy it, let’s talk about the PPC+Creative Hybrid and see if it could be a decent fit for your advertising ambitions.

Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan

founder, clickmattic

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